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Web Masters Ink
Welcome to
Web Masters Ink, where we do things a bit differently than you may be accustomed to.

For Instance
Take everything you've ever heard about web sites, webmasters and, " web designers" and toss it out the window. Chances are, you've been told a pack of lies. Chances are already fairly good . . . that you already know that.

Have a website?
Do you have an existing web site? Is your web site producing more dollars for your business or organization than any other form of media? It should be. Think about it: You are now potentially visible to a million times your normal exposure. You should be experiencing greater profits than through your normal venues.
If not, the answer to the question is a resounding, NO. If you have paid a "web site designer" to deliver no results, you have little more than an electronic business card, which is better than nothing.

Results Guaranteed
Here at
Web Masters Ink we absolutely guarantee our work with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. That's right. An average Web Masters Ink website costs $6,500. If your web site does not produce more than $6,500 in 90 days from your web site's launch, Web Masters Ink will gladly refund the $6,500, no questions asked.

Web Marketing Specialists
We at
Web Masters Ink are not just web site designers or webmasters. Here we specialize in building web sites that are custom-designed to market your products or services to the masses. The science behind our success is not easily learned and draws on years of experience in the arts, business management, marketing, promotion, internet and computer programming. Don't entrust your bottom-line to anyone who doesn't guarantee their work.

Connectivity Solutions
Web Masters Ink Connectivity Team has all the connectivity, hosting, telecommunications solutions available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether your business is small or grandiose our colocation and/or inter office Inranet solutions are custom designed solutions that fit within your budget.

Contact Web Masters Ink

    Mailing address: Web Masters Ink, P. O. Box 1753, Aberdeen, WA 98520
    Phone: (360) 538-9916

Let us help change the way you think about the internet and start generating the capital that is slipping away every hour you delay.