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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dave Masters, better known as webman@althits.com. I am your humble Certified WebDesign instructor and part of the Web Masters Ink web marketing design team. In this day and age it takes so much more than a basic knowledge of HTML or use of an automated WebPage Editor to make powerful and profitable internet Web Sites. Although nearly any web presence is better than none at all. Click Here for Free Weekly Online Tips

Interested in training with me? I offer local classes and/or private tutoring in your choice of CERTIFIED WEB DESIGN or DIGITAL IMAGING so you can learn either how to become your own webmaster or how to manipulate graphic images, photo restoration, here the sky's the limit. Both areas are in high demand and create the opportunity for you to work for yourself commanding more than adequate hourly fees for your talents and patience. E-mail me for more information at webman@althits.com.

In an effort to do my part to make the www a better place I offer these pages full of tools and resources, tips, tricks and secrets to help improve your website whether you are a student of mine or not. Feel free to cruise this site, use and implement whatever you like to do your part to make the www a better place.

I have developed a strong set of theories, principals and concepts about web site development that I adhere to semi-strictly and wish that other webmasters would adopt these precepts in their own "design philosophy."

Much thought has been promoted on web page "style" (as this is simply a carry-over from print media) but little time is spent developing a web design philosophy, from which all webpage improvements spring like a perverbial fountain of eternal enlightenment. The WWW is a new medium and must be approached in a new way.

I currently accept design projects for businesses who have a firm commitment to exploit the internet as a means of generating revenue. If you are considering a commercial site to do business on the WWW, I think we should talk. Contact me at webman@althits.com about custom designing or upgrading your website. All my sites come with a 100% money-back guarantee: If you don't make the cost of your website back in 90 days, you get your money back, no questions asked. Isn't it about time you started dealing with someone who specializes in profitable results via the internet?
I can also direct inquiries and projects to other Certified Web Design graduates if you so desire. E-mail me at webman@althits.com.

Take the Oath and Join the TeamI do not include a list of sites that I have produced for your examination. Instead I urge current and would-be webmasters not to copy the works of other webmasters (many of whom copy their work from books or someone else) but to take that step to give that child-genius room to grow. It is not enough to copy another successful site. In this new arena you must also be unique and offer something that your visitors may not be able to find or experience elsewhere. As I stress in my classes, it is not enough to build A successful site, it must be the most effective site of its kind (unless of course your client is restricted by a prohibitive budget). If you're designing a site on a budget it still must be as effective as possible.

For those, who like myself, might be intrigued by that possibility of following a "higher road" in webmastering, I offer an editorial featuring some of my views and some possible solutions. If you are a webmaster, I certainly encourage you to check it out and help to do your part to make the Internet a better place.

I am currently teaching a Certified Web Design course. Web Masters Ink is running an on-line version of the Certified Web Design course for students who have an internet connection. If you are interested in attending the virtual class via the 'net please click here and jump in while you can. Take the steps necessary to get you enrolled and on your way to becoming a Certified Web Designer.

Attendants to my seminars will have access to helps and tips to improve webpage designs and overall site development via the internet.
If you are interested in hosting a web theory or web philosophy seminar, please do not hesitate to email me at webman@althits.com.

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