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Web Masters Ink
Welcome to
Web Masters Ink, where we do things a bit differently than you may be accustomed to.

For Instance
Take everything you've ever heard about web sites, webmasters and, " web designers" and toss it out the window. Chances are, you've been told a pack of lies. Chances are already fairly good . . . that you already know that.

Selling On-line
Selling your products and services via the Internet and World Wide Web is not a step that should be taken lightly. Successful sales strategies on the internet change almost daily. That's where dealing with a qualified full-time web marketing group like Web Masters Ink comes in handy.
It's all we do. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We focus on making our clients the best dollar amounts that they can possibly generate utilizing the 'net as their promotional vehicle guaranteeing results or your money back.

Various Methods of Selling
Here at
Web Masters Ink we are familiar with the miriad of ways that it is possible to generate online orders, inquiries and sales utilizing the Internet.
It would be safe to say that we've seen it all and are likely involved in every possible phase and level of online marketing from the simple one-man show to corporate merchandising, retail and wholesale.

On-line Auctions
You may have already experienced some success with online auctions like E-Bay. We utilize online auctions and classifieds to help promote our clients' products and services. It is likely that if you are seeing some success with an online auction, you can benefit greatly from establishing your own professional e-commerce enabled web site and maybe even have an online auction of your very own. We can help guide you through the process.

On-line Shopping Malls
Online shopping malls can be of a great benefit to you and your marketing effort. We are experienced at setting up online malls for our clients and can help you do so in a way so as to generate adequate revenues for both you and your clients. There are many more unsuccessful online shopping malls than successful ones. Our experience and expertise can help secure your success. If you are interested in placing a single product in an online shopping mall, we have all the connections and can make this quick, easy and painless on you.

Affiliate and Associate Programs
If you are considering participating in one of the most exciting new areanas in online marketing, Affiliate and Associate programs are just what the doctor ordered. This is an arrangement between you and other webmasters, where they refer business to your site and you pay them a percentage of each sale that is made through their site. Everyone wins in this program. We can help you participate whether you are just getting started and would like to experiment to test the waters, or if you are excited and want to jump in with both feet and launch a major global effort.

E-Commerce: Online Transactions
Due to our success in a wide variety of fields, all our clients get to benefit from our knowldege through trial and error in the online marketplace. We have all the nessesary equipment, scripts, programs, secure servers, shopping carts, forms and tracking data that you could possibly need to take advantage of safe and secure data transmission to help protect your clients. If you are on a budget, we can help design a system that will accommodate your financial requirements.

Contact Web Masters Ink

    Mailing address: Web Masters Ink, P. O. Box 1753, Aberdeen, WA 98520
    Phone: (360) 538-9916

Let us help change the way you think about the internet and start generating the capital that is slipping away every hour you delay.