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Web Masters Ink
Web Masters Ink we realize that you need more than a Web site . . . YOU NEED ONE THAT WORKS, as we explore the possibilities of financial growth utilizing the Internet and the World Wide Web.

What are you thinking?
It is likely that you have an idea that may help you get a competitive edge over the competition. That idea may well incorporate the power of the internet. Chances are, if you do not act on that idea now, someone else will and you'll stand alongside millions of us who say the same thing; "That was my idea, if only I'd done it first."

Exciting Opportunity
That's what's so exciting about this new technology:   Now anyone can compete with major corporations by eploiting this new media . . . if only you knew how . . .

That's where Web Masters Ink comes in. We help our clients, regular, ordinary businesspeople and folks with a dream, bridge the technology gap and begin to generate financial gains that would otherwise be impossible.

Web Masters Ink technicians, programmers, design and sales staff all speak plain English and not just technicaleze so that you don't have to learn the jargon before you start making the new technologies work for you.

Custom-tailored Programs
Here at
Web Masters Ink we custom-design internet marketing coups that will achieve the best results for your specific program or dream. It is not enough to copy someone else's success. Your approach must be unique and draw on years of tried and true experience and you must have access to the latest data to determine what approach to take.

Web Marketing Specialists
We at
Web Masters Ink are not just web site designers or webmasters. Here we specialize in building web sites that are custom-designed to market your products or services to the masses. The science behind our success is not easily learned and draws on years of experience in the arts, business management, marketing, promotion, internet and computer programming. Don't entrust your bottom-line to anyone who doesn't guarantee their work.

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    Mailing address: Web Masters Ink, P. O. Box 1753, Aberdeen, WA 98520
    Phone: (360) 538-5809
    E-mail: webmastersink@althits.com

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